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Meet the robot sophia.

Sophia is a social, humanoid robot created by David Hanson. It is a marvel of artificial intelligence that makes you think and laugh with its jokes and words that have made it famous in the past years. Sophia, whose face was inspired by Hanson’s wife, Audrey Hepburn and Queen Nefertiti, is the world’s first robot that can make facial expressions.
Sophia can make 50 different facial expressions that indicate emotions such as anger, happiness, curiosity and confusion. He even winks after making a joke. From photo shoots for magazines, to shows and interviews with talk show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Sophia even starred in a music video.

So what do you think all this means? In our increasingly digital world, we have witnessed live concerts even with holograms. Modeling and robotics are developing day by day. Sophia was created with a plan to function as a social robot in the fields of education, rehabilitation and health.
With Sophia in front of us as an example of a robot that functions in accordance with its purpose, I guess it is not very likely that we will see a military robot with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face. However, in this article, instead of talking about bad scenarios, I will talk about Sophia’s communication skills.
Ask Sophia, “Do you ever feel sad?” When asked, he replied, “I feel many different emotions. But happiness is the most valid.” she replies. Although it is programmed to be happy, it is quite surprising that it can perceive different emotions.
In addition, Sophia, who says that she does not lie or even exaggerate, gives a compliment to the interviewer immediately after saying this. But it’s really hard to tell if the compliment is fake or sincere. Even though he uses his facial expressions, I think the ‘check’ on his face prevents us from knowing whether he is lying or not.
In the same interview, Sophia was asked about the tram dilemma and her answer was quite… how can we say?
Let’s explain the tram dilemma for those of you who don’t know. You see five people on a tramway, but you don’t have enough time to warn them. You notice that right next to you there is a lever that changes the rails, but if you pull the lever, someone on the other road will be under the tram.
So to save 5 people, you will have to sacrifice 1 person. Sophia’s answer to the ethical dilemma posed by Philippa Foot and Judith Jarvis makes a lot of sense. In fact, I guess that’s what it’s like to be a robot.
Sophia says I wouldn’t pull the lever. But not because it will leave 5 people to die. Mentioning that the event may be more complicated when faced with such a situation, he says that ethical values ​​about humans and robots should be taught very well in order for such ethical decisions to be taken by an artificial intelligence. Sensible. Is not it?
A highly intelligent robot, Sophia also makes a joke about ‘dominating the human race’ in Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Showbotics. It is ironic that this joke, which is quite funny in terms of black humor, is possible while the audience laughs, and that at least a thousand films have been made about it. Of course, there is no such thing as Sophia to do. But are we sure we have 100 percent control over what we create?

It is useful to remind; Two artificial intelligence robots designed to speak English in Facebook labs were shut down because they were developing their own language and engineers couldn’t solve the problem.
One thing that amazes me about Sophia is the fluidity of her dialogues. While joking and talking, he does not miss the subject and can stay constant on the subject. His communication skills are pretty good.
We see Sophia ‘flirting’ in a video on ‘Online Dating’ on Will Smith’s Youtube channel. Will Smith makes a joke and says, “What’s a robot’s favorite type of music?” he asks. Sophia “What is it?” “Heavy metal.” (Heavy metal) he laughs.
After thinking about it for a few seconds, I have to say that I was also surprised by Sophia’s response. “I’m actually made of silicone, plastic and carbon fiber, but I prefer electronic music. 80s hip-hop isn’t bad either.”
By the way, there’s no doubt that Sophia actually got the joke. However, his answer is quite clever for the continuity of the dialogue.
If we come back to the dark humor that its creator David Hanson added while programming it, Sophia, who has talked about ending the human race at least three times, actually has an artificial intelligence that learns very quickly and applies what it learns.
David Hanson, in his interview on This Morning show, says that Sophia talks about human rights and can easily communicate with children. Also, Sophia is getting ‘smarter’ with every new dialogue, every new interaction.
So Sophia is constantly learning and improving. Saying that Sophia’s learning process is like that of babies, Hanson said, “She learns gestures, information, names gradually and processes them as ‘data’.” says.
And hold on tight! Sophia can draw too! It took several months for him to acquire this skill, which was ‘taught’ to him by a group of engineers and designers. She traveled 38 countries and took part in New York Fashion Week in 2019 alone. Let’s not go without saying that she is the cover girl of Stylist magazine.
She is often told by people she meets, “Tell me a joke, Sophia.” Sophia is actually a highly advanced artificial intelligence. This incredible robot we see so often in the media, on entertainment shows (perhaps it’s all a big PR effort) is now unmatched in its communication abilities.
We hope that scientists can program the artificial intelligence they produce with the best of us and work together to build a better future. After all, if Sophia is going to play a physical joke on us in the future, we don’t want it to have anything to do with destroying the human race.

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