Ilyas Mutlu

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New Deep Learning Models: Fewer Neurons, More Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has entered our daily lives, from search engines to self-driving cars. This has to do with the huge computational power that has become possible in recent years. But new results from AI research now show that using simpler, smaller neural networks, certain tasks can be executed better, more efficiently, and more reliably.

An international research team working at the Technical University of Vienna, the Austrian University of Science and Technology, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new artificial intelligence system based on the brains of small animals such as pinworms. This new artificial intelligence system can control a vehicle with just a few artificial nerves. The team says the system has definite advantages over previous deep learning models: It handles noisy input much better, and thanks to its simplicity, the operating mode can be explained in detail. A complex “black box” doesn’t have to be seen as a human being and can be understood by people. This new deep learning model has been published in Nature Machine Intelligence.

Blockchain, Machine Learning. Python, Go.

Blockchain, Machine Learning. Python, Go.