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Elon Musk is an American engineer and inventor, investor, and entrepreneur of South African origin on June 28, 1971. He is also the founder of SpaceX and co-founder and co-founder of PayPal as Tesla Motors. In terms of design, he is also among the CEO and chief designers at SpaceX. The CEO of Tesla Motors has been appointed as the product architect. However, he is the president of SolarCity.


Musk was born to a Canadian mother and to a South African father, Errol Musk. He learned to code by himself as software programming. The space game Blastar, which he wrote when he was 12, sold for approximately $ 500. And thus, it realized the first software sale.

After passing the eighth and ninth grade at Bryanston High School, he graduated from Musk’s Pretoria Boys High School. Later, he served in the South African army in 1988 when he was 17 years old. For this reason, he left his home. Stating that he had no problem with military service, Musk completed his military service in the South African army and then tried to suppress black people did not make me have a good time. He spoke in the form. Actually, Musk wanted to move to the USA and he was saying; It’s where everything amazing is.

Elon Musk Youth

By 1992, he spent two years at Wueen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He then left Canada to study Business and Physics at the University of Pennsylvania and chose a major at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics. In addition, he received minor degrees in physics from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences. He then completed his doctorate in physics and materials science practically. He moved his doctorate in California to the Silicon Valley region but did not fully complete it.

Inspired by many genius and innovative scientists such as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, he identified the problems that would affect the future of humanity. These areas, on the other hand, can be expressed as energy, internet, and space.

Musk started his doctorate in applied physics and science in 1995 at Stanford. However, at the end of two days, he and his brother Kimbal started publishing content online with new organizations with musk and left the school to start the Zip2 project, which is the software. In 1999, it purchased Zip2 as the AltaVista division of Compared, with a total of 307 million dollars in cash, with 344 million dollars in stock.

Paypal and

Elon Musk Paypal and

Elon Musk co-founded as an Online finance and payment service in March 1999. The following year, with a 50750 merger with 12, we can state that size added confinity to itself as an auction system and created PayPal. Musk played a key role in the organization of purchasing with P2P technology as online transmission. According to Musk, as Confinity, the sub-brand provided the establishment and development as a one-to-one payment platform within This was a necessary tool. Previously, the merged companies preferred as the company name. However, as of February 2001, the name was changed, and PayPal Inc. It got its name. As a global payment, PayPal has played an important role as the core of financial offers. With its rapid growth, Musk has spread over the internet, and growth campaigns have been created. As of October, it was purchased by PayPal eBay in 2002 for $ 1.5 billion in stock. More ahead of the sale, the company’s major shareholder, Musk, owned 11.7% of the shares.

Musk founded its third company, Space Exploration Technologies, in June 2002. He is still ongoing and CTO as its CEO. SpaceX has also made progress as rocket technology and launch vehicles continue to be developed and produced. The company made its first two launches as the Falcon and Falcon 9 rockets. The first spacecraft is Dragon. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, which ceased use in 2011 and replaced Space Shuttle, and Dragon’s 12 flights to the space station internationally was awarded as a $ 1.6 billion NASA deal on December 23, 2008. In the beginning, it was brought to the agenda that the Falcon 9, the astronaut transport that Dragon had undertaken as the cargo transport function, was carried out by Soyuz. However, it was proposed that the SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon should be designed only for astronaut transport, and to be dealt with as commercial companies such as SpaceX as astronaut transport as Augustine commission.

According to Musk, exploration of space is important for humanity not to protect human consciousness, but to expand it and take an important step. Along with the saying of Musk, life as a multi-planet can be expressed as taking precautions against the things that constrain the race of people in order to survive. No asteroid or large volcano could destroy us, and at the same time face the unseen risks of dinosaurs. Engineered, the product is a virus. On the other hand, it is possible to say that a micro black hole created by mistake and technology that does not exist that will bring global warming or an end to the race of humans has created a potential to consume ourselves atomically for the last 60 years.

Elon Musk Signature Works
SpaceX; Along with defense as the simulation theory, it is known as the Elon Musk vision. Colonizing Mars was the goal. Wishing to develop rocket technologies, Musk founded SpaceX in June 2002 as a year. Focused on the development of launch vehicles and as a company, SpaceX has built the first Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 rockets.

Elon Musk and SpaceX

PayPal; He founded in 1999 and ensured the growth of the company he started, by purchasing Confinity. Thus, PayPal emerged.

Tesla; We can say that Musk, who founded Tesla when most people think that there is no job in the car sector as electric, is a clean energy sector and has taken this step. First, Musk produced the Tesla Roadster and sold approximately 2,500 of them in 31 countries.

SolarCity; It has installed solar energy in businesses and homes as well as in states and responded to the needs. Founded in 2006 and with 15000 employees, SolarCity has undertaken the responsibility in most areas with the system team in terms of installation and financial.

OpenAL; Musk, who stubbornly continues to warn in the field of artificial intelligence all over the world, believed with all his heart that artificial intelligence will bring an end to the world and destroy humanity. The founder of the OpenAL company, which is not for profit and such a purpose, has ensured that Musk’s goal is to make and develop artificial intelligence researches that can be helpful and friendly to humanity.

Hyperloop; It is an easy project and a process that Musk started to operate after getting bored in traffic. Musk partnered with Richard Branson, aiming to reduce traffic problems later in California by digging underground tunnels.

Elon Musk and his Marriage
Musk’s personal life has been as fast as his business life and has been an immersive private life. He first married Justine in 2000. Later, after an 8-year marriage process, they ended these marriages. Musk joined his life with Talullah Riley in 2010. They divorced after 2 years and could only stay separated for 1 year. They got back together in 2013. But this time they could not execute and divorced again in 2016. After this marriage, Musk had 6 children in total. Their names are Nevada Alexander, Xavier, Saxon, Griffin, Damian, and Kai.

Philanthropic Side
We can say that Musk likes to help not only the environment but almost everyone who needs help, and he likes to turn everything he wants to gain into something. If we talk about the foundation he chaired, we can state that the Musk Foundation is a foundation that is carried out as a charity that includes clean energy as child health and scientific education. In addition, with the administration of the X Prize Foundation, studies were carried out on incentives for renewable energy. He was a member of many foundations like this. Elon Musk finally joined The Giving Pledge as of April 2012 Pledge Giving. He spent most of his fortune on charity and took an oath in this regard. With the oath he had given, he had the peace of returning to his childhood, equivalent to the promises he had given to himself as a young child. Maybe Elon Musk had seen him grow up and accomplish most things. At the moment, he does not look narrowly at what he can see with the eyes of the world.

Making Life on Mars

As of September 2015, Musk participated in the television program called The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and at the same time answering a question directed to him about Mars; eventually, Mars could be transformed into an Earth-like planet. You can increase the temperature. Going into the detail of this answer, there are two ways to do this, a quick way and a slow way. The fastest way is primarily to drop thermonuclear bombs into pits on Mars. Later he made an explanation about this subject. He explained the idea by stating that there are two solar formations next to Mars only through nuclear fusion.

Combat Global Warming

Musk selected his cousin Lyndon Rive as their co-founder as CEO and later named the company SolarCity. It was the largest solar energy provider in the United States. The main purpose of the establishment of this company is to fight against global warming. Just like tesla did. It is stated that the biggest motivation of this company to invest and is the sensitivity to the environment.

In 2012, Tesla Motors and SolarCity announced that it was decided to open the batteries of electric vehicles in order to soften the effect of solar panels as an electricity grid. Thus, necessary cooperation was achieved. Following in Tesla’s footsteps, Musk took tesla as his example as his inspiration. Later, he became the co-founder of Tesla Motors. He was especially the product designs and president, and the interest in electric vehicles was long ago when he discovered Tesla in his childhood. He started with such a project by hiring Vceo and Martin Eberhard. Besides, it seemed a big risk at the beginning. He spent almost all of the capital with the first two investment rounds. Success was inevitable, but failure was possible. It would not be possible to give up because he took Tesla as a source of inspiration. As of 2008, with the economic crisis, compulsory layoffs started. Later, he filled the role of CEO.

Blockchain, Machine Learning. Python, Go.